A Tool of Self-Discovery.

The journey of this book started as a tool of self-discovery, something that was written just for me, a creative road map of my life to date and what makes me, me.
I needed to understand who I was and who I have become, personally and within the successful business that I had created. You don’t know who I am and you probably don’t care at this point, but in writing this book I realised that my life had taken such a diverse direction. Harsh and beneficial lessons learnt that created the man before you today. I needed to share these lessons and allow others to learn from all that I had learnt. So………. what started as something that was for me has turned into something I wrote for you.

Join me on my journey, it’s a rocky road, lots of diversions, life changing decisions had to be made, lots of ups and downs but a journey I know you’ll benefit from being a part of.

Don’t be a goose will impact on you like no other book.

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Don't Be A Goose Book

A few words from me

How Don’t Be A Goose has changed peoples lives

“A refreshingly honest book”

“Once I had started I could not put the book down. Gary is incredibly honest and open throughout. Don’t be a goose will make you think about your own mindset, I certainly did. Well done Gary”

– Mrs E L Williams

“Gives me .. Hope, encouragement, purpose and motivation”

“Gives me .. Hope, encouragement, purpose and motivation, you remind me that it’s me and only me that can’t have the right effect in my life and business…
The constant reminder “not be a Goose” Motivation and drive to be an achiever, to be a success and fulfil my ability and potential…”

– Karl Anscombe

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About The Author

Gary Fullwood

Successful business owner, an inspiration to many, and loving husband and father
However…. It didn’t start that way. When I set out on my life long journey, the route didn’t take me to where I am today.
That journey ended up being harder and more challenging than I ever imagined.
There were many times when I was not sure if I would make it to the end, I had to be honest and harsh with myself, even brutal at times, but the true discovery of who I am, I knew would be worth the pain.
What a journey it was…… are you ready for your journey of discovery?….
It’s going to be harsh, it could be brutal but oh my word, what a difference it will make.

To fully understand who Gary Fullwood is and how his story can change your life, you need to embark on this journey with him..

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